About Angels

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Who We Are

Before Watching Angels became the innovative leader in home care, it was only a dream, churning in our minds. Being the busy New Yorkers we are, we needed a home care service that worked around our schedules, was available to take care of our parents for extended periods of time, including weekends and the occasional holiday, and let us stay in contact with them throughout the day. Unable to find a service that combined all these necessities, we decided something had to be done to address a system that wasn’t rising to the occasion. We set to work, with the sole purpose of creating a truly compassionate home care system that will put the client on the pedestal, and work for them from the moment they arrive, seeking our services.

Watching Angles is built on the singular idea of compassion, that without it, our work isn’t complete. Because for us, this isn’t a job: it’s a mission, a lifestyle. As such, we handpick our caregivers from hundreds of applicants who have a record of providing exceptional care to their clients. Anything short of exceptional defeats the purpose of being an Angel.

Why Us?


The success of Watching Angels is built on three pillars: Compassionate, around-the-clock Care, Transparency, and Affordability. Our caretakers are at the top of their field, having worked in the industry for decades; they love what they do, and wouldn’t want to do anything else.

They are there for you night and day, from weekends to holidays. On top of that, we’ve incorporated our advanced mobile technology into our home care services, allowing you to stay in contact with our Angels and your loved ones from wherever you are: at work, or an ocean away. We believe it’s important to be open and transparent when it comes to care, to foster a sense of communication, trust, and companionship. On top of all these unique services, we are one of the few affordable home care services in the New York area, providing the most “bang for your buck”.

We consider Medicaid, Long-term care insurance, and most private insurance plans.